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Hi there!

Welcome in my universe, full of my dreams, my passions and my actions.

This blog is like my travel journal, my notebook and my workbook that I open to you to let you enjoy my experiences.

There’s no way I have fun by myself!

Let’s discover, share and chat together about travels, environment and alternative living.

Enjoy your visit and thank you for passing by 🙂

Natural insect repellent making
Preparation of the day: natural insect repellent Ingredients: – 3 plants: Piper umbellatum (cow-foot leaf), Neurolaena lobata (jackass bitters), Gliricidia sepium (rat-killer tree) – Coconut...
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Tropical flora
Tropical flora, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica....
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First steps in Costa Rica
Bits of thoughts Friday 7 October (2 days before departure) Autumn. Nature slowly falls asleep, getting ready for the long winter to come. They say...
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